East – Wall: how to survive Jetlag

Vacation is good because you can go on the most incredible journey, for example, to another continent. And then there is every chance of being in a real paradise, where no one knows about winter cold or bad mood from inclement weather. But the first days of rest can turn into a small personal blood pressure if you do not make efforts to prevent jetlag.

Experienced travelers know what it is in another time zone, when the time difference is not a couple of hours, but all 8-9. Fatigue, loss of tone, unimportant well -being and insomnia – these are the most common signs of jetting or desynchronosis. They are characterized by the failure of internal biorhythms, or circadian, due to the quick change of time zones, mainly during the air travel. In other words, when you arrive in place and there should be night all over now, but in fact – in the midst of the day. And it seems to have time to have lunch, but there is only one desire – to find yourself in the hotel room, put the windows and fall into a deep dream.

It would be wrong to say that the state of Jetla is manifested by one typical sign, for example, insomnia. Other symptoms are often observed:

  • fast fatiguability;
  • scattered attention;
  • problems with the digestive tract and intestines;
  • dry mouth;
  • Licky view and dull complexion.

In such an unpleasant state, the hormone melatonin is to blame – he is responsible not only for sleep, but also for the established work of our biorhythms. An

interesting study was conducted by American scientists. They found out that the commercial losses of businessmen from the incorrectly made decisions as a result of the jetga are up to $ 70 billion a year. That’s why travelers and business travelers are recommended after a many hour flight to take several days to adapt and in no case make important responsible decisions immediately upon arrival.

Jetga’s influence on the appearance

Gray and dull complexion after a long flight – a typical sign of both fatigue and the consequences of the jetga. The fact is that when changing time zones, the skin simply does not have time to recover. After all, all restoration work in it takes place at night, from 23:00 to 4:00, when the level of melatonin is in the maximum concentration. And if at this time you are awake, then the skin has no way to carry out “repair” work. As a result, wrinkles, dullness, dryness and peeling, swelling – nothing pleasant.


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